Dicom Vision is ...

Collaborative + Research

  • Remote second opinion
  • Advancing Knowledge
  • Creating a new standard

AI Powered System

  • Automated segmentation of anatomic structures
  • CAD (Computed Aided Diagnosis)
  • Time saving software

Cloud Based Viewer

  • Zero footprint
  • Telemedicine
  • Boosting user experience


Helping Professionals to perform faster and better

Our systems help professionals in their everyday clinical practice, supporting them in the management of standard cases and notifying the doctor in case of dubious or complex cases.

Are you ready to experience the power of
AI solutions for
AI-Assisted analysis?

Dicom Vision is an helpful tool supporting professionals in the decision-making process which allows the reduction of unexpected events and risks, which cuts costs and leads to a better patient condition and quality of life.

Dicom Vision
AI Decisions for Better Care.

Dicom Vision is useful
for dataset creation
Segmentation editing Data syncronization on the cloud Al governance Dataset Management